Smarketing - A potential love story

Sales and marketing departments often operate in silos, hindering their potential synergy. Explore how breaking down the barriers between them can lead to significant business growth.

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Learn about the research-backed benefits of aligning these two departments, which can result in tripling your customer acquisition and boosting growth and profit rates by over 20%. This webinar will provide you with practical insights, tools and strategies to help you achieve these results. Join us to start driving growth through effective collaboration.

Key Themes

Discover the potential value of driving strategic alignment
Why Marketing and Sales end up in a broken love story when in fact they are a strong match?   Despite the significant value that alignment between sales and marketing can bring, still most companies struggle to crack the code when it comes to facing real issues.

Know the challenges to make it happen
Dive into the common challenges that marketing and sales go through and be ready to address them. From misalignment in goals, strategies, KPIs and leads to lack of structure, monitoring systems and communication.

Adress the challenges to foster alignment
Learn how you can find out strategic areas to improve through marketing and sales collaboration and structure this approach in 5 steps to address the challenges.

Real-case insights
Hear from a real company that transformed these challenges in Sales and Marketing into a success story through collaboration.  We will uncover the 4 pillars of collaboration as key success factors.

Step into the future of business growth by turning the ‘broken love story’ between Sales & Marketing into a powerful partnership. Secure your seat now for an exclusive journey into the heart of collaboration. 

The target audience for this webinar is:

Chief Commercial officers
Commercial Excellence Directors / Managers
Chief Sales Officers / VP of Sales / Sales Directors / Sales Managers
Chief Marketing Officers / Marketing Directors / Marketing Managers
Product Managers


Orcun Kuyucuoglu has a rich background in sales and marketing that traces back to his childhood days spent assisting in his grandfather's ice-cream shop. With nearly two decades of experience, Orcun has seamlessly navigated between consulting roles and hands-on sales and marketing positions. His enthusiasm lies in crafting innovative solutions and unraveling intricate business challenges. Beyond his professional endeavors, Orcun's personal interests extend to the realms of neuroscience, human behavior, body movements and new experiences.

Orcun Kuyucuoglu

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