DI is a democratic organisation governed by its member companies and constantly evolving. Members’ requirements have priority and consequently committees, networks and professional and political focus areas change according to the developments of society.

Legally, DI is an association governed by an Executive Committee and a Central Board, which jointly formulate DI's political views. Members of the Executive Committee are appointed by the Annual General Assembly and they elect the Central Board, Chairman and Deputy Chairman from among themselves. All appointments are for one year at a time.

In addition to the elected management DI has a Board of Management, which handles external relations – e.g. with the press, meetings with politicians and delegation trips. Practical issues in relation to serving the interests of the Danish business community and DI's members are taken care of by DI's employees, headed by the Director General and CEO.

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Many sectoral employers' associations and sector federations are included in DI's framework and partly or fully integrated in DI. Moreover, the members of DI in each region constitute a federation, dealing with regional policy as well as educational issues.

Meet DI's Sector Federations

DI member companies can choose to be a part of a sector federation. DI's nine sector federations handle particular interests and challenges in their area - professional as well as political.

Danish Commercial Industries Federation Danish Service Industries Federation Danish Food and Drink Federation Federation of Danish Building Industries Danish ICT and Electronics Federation Danish Energy Industries Federation Danish Transport Federation Federation of Danish Professional Service Firms Danish Construction Association

Meet DI's Employers' associations

DI members can choose to be a part of one or more of 75 employers' associations linked to the Confederation of Danish Industry. Some of them communicate in English, the rest in Danish:

Danish Defence and Security Industries Association Search in the Danish list of employers associations

Kim Graugaard

Deputy Director General

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Thomas Bustrup

Deputy Director General and COO

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Marion Hannerup

Deputy Director General

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Kent Damsgaard

Deputy Director General

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Lars Frelle-Petersen

Deputy Director General

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Kinga Szabo Christensen

Deputy Director General

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