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Collaboration with Danish industries is key in supporting the development, construction, and maintenance of the Danish Armed Forces new, multirole naval vessels.  In the summer of 2021, the Danish Ministry of Defense published a broad political agreement, that the Danish navy must be strengthened with a new multirole patrol ship type.

Danske Patruljeskibe K/S, a consortium created by OMT Group A/S, Terma A/S and PensionDanmark, is the total supplier for the new naval vessels, which will improve the capabilities of the Royal Danish Navy in Danish waters.

"We look forward to, in close cooperation with the Danish Navy and Danish subcontractors, developing the brand-new patrol ships to take care of Denmark's security and marine environment. The agreement will be the starting point for the building and consolidation of critical national competences, which in the long term will strengthen Denmark's security in the maritime area. We are proud to be able to contribute to that", says Hans Schneider, CEO of Danske Patruljeskibe K/S.

New ships a requirement

Ever changing complexities at sea place new demands on the Danish navy's patrol ships. New, flexible, and future-proof patrol ships will ensure the enforcement of Danish sovereignty and defense and improve national marine environment preparedness.

Rethinking ship designs and innovation will enable the navy to handle hybrid threats in a faster and more flexible way, and with a focus on Danish suppliers, ensure a strong security of supply to the Danish Armed Forces.

Collaboration with Danish industries

As the total supplier, Danske Patruljeskibe K/S, will design and built the new naval vessels according to the needs of the Danish Armed Forces, including innovative Danish technology solutions, that can contribute to the green transformation of the navy. By involving Danish suppliers and contractors, the project will further improve unique industrial skills and can prove to be the beginning of an export adventure to the benefit of Danish businesses and jobs.

A membership of DI Forsvar & Sikkerhed is a natural choice, as Danske Patruljeskibe K/S rely on Danish know-how and expertise to succeed in delivering the naval vessels of the future.

Interested in becoming a supplier? Send an email to and tell us who you are, what you do, or how you can contribute in relation to the new patrol ships.

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