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DC-Supply is the best in class when it comes to flexibility and durability in advanced container solutions

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The Danish manufacturer of advanced container solutions are meeting client’s wishes all over the world from Arctic to Africa. Supplying just about any kind of container solutions the company is based on a core skill set of technical know-how, superior workmanship and unique customer service. CEO Michael Munk explains: 

- We know just about everything worth knowing about container solutions because we have been doing this for almost forty years. That’s why being a customer at DC-Supply is also about utilizing a unique knowledge based upon supplying solutions to the most demanding customers some of them situated in harsh and isolated environments.   

650 people

Originally DC-Supply was a full service company delivering food, beverage, fuel and other supplies in large facilities mainly in Denmark, the UK and Dubai. At its peak the company employed 650 people but in the long run that part of the business was sold when the company made a strategic decision only to develop and build custom designed containers. 

- Our skills ensure a well-executed project, delivered on time – every time! We design and produce almost any type of custom container solution needed. All production takes place at our own workshop facilities in Denmark, where highly skilled craftsmen work closely with our technical draftsmen, engineers and building designers to deliver the ultimate custom solution for our customers at any time, Mr. Munk says.   

Military containers

One of the first customers of DC-Supply was the Danish Army and they are still on board as an important account asking for many different solutions. Other armies and NATO itself have been added to the customer list. Some of the containers are for storage of weapons, ammunitions and spare parts while other containers are much more sophisticated lines of logistics: 

- We have supplied the army with containers for command and control, communications and even a mobile helicopter hangar. Add to that a prison, kitchens, restrooms and specialized dogs kennels then I think it is fair to say that DC-Supply can supply just about any container that the army is asking for, according to the CEO.

Foto: DC-Supply

The future is self-supplying

A couple of years ago the company added a service part to the company; originally a request from the civilian customers that spread to the military market. Michael Munk believes that process will repeat itself regarding the next big thing in developing more advanced containers: 

- Our civilian customers have started to request self-suppling containers independent of auxiliary power supply. We have introduced solar power and small wind mills to containers and such solutions are a part of future products that the army sooner or later is going to ask for. 

According to the head of DC-Supply the Arctic might very well be another way to grow the business in the years to come. The company is a part of Defend Arctic; a joint venture of several Danish companies and University of Aalborg created to supply turnkey solutions for armed forces in the high north.

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