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High-Precision CNC Machined Components in Aluminum and Magnesium The compressed time-to-market demands of today’s technology calls for fast work-flows and a reliable and knowledgeable resource through which manufacturing companies can order prototype and low volume production parts.

This is exactly our expertise. At Formkon, we combine manufacturing know-how, CNC milling/turning and project management under one roof which allow our clients to focus on the innovation of new products while we handle all aspects of production from brief to delivery including providing expert material, tooling and production advice.

We furthermore offer a wide range of in-house post treatments like laser engraving, measuring and documentation, friction stir welding, leak testing, impregnation, technical cleaning, assembly tasks etc. which means that our components can be delivered directly to our customer’s project without further treatments. 

We specialize in smaller to medium-sized quantities with overall part sizes up to a maximum of approximately 900 x 700 x 600 mm and all components can be delivered with full traceability and documentation.

The components are produced in our top modern production facilities that hold 20 h igh t ech and automated CNC machines in air conditioned environment for high precision machining of components in aluminium and magnesium Formkon is also ISO 9001 , ISO 14001 and SBTicertified.


At Formkon, we share a passion for innovation with our customers as well as a desire to constantly improve, increase efficiency, and solve complex challenges for a better future.

With our high-quality components, we create the foundation for new technology by empowering our customers to launch the next generation of products on the market.

By taking advantage of our decades of industry knowledge and experience, our customers can drive continuous innovation, accelerate their time-to-market and in the end their profitability.


 With a constantly changing world where geopolitical relations are hardening and threats are increasing in number, variety and complexity, today‘s defense forces is also an industry where speed is becoming a major competitive differentiator and where reliable suppliers are of paramount importance.  

We know this from experience, since Formkon already has delivered components to various international defense-related projects, including surveillance equipment, camera housings, and high-precision components for weapons.

We know that success in the battlefield and the ability to respond to threats proactively is heavily dependent upon great precision, reliability and fast deliveries. Our competencies within delivering finish and quality with short deliveries are therefore a great match to this industry.

From our great experience with producing components to industries that produce future technology, we are also used to working in confidential collaborations and to protect any type of confidential and proprietary information, since it is already an inevitable part of working with our customers.

Formkon in Brief

  •  Located in Skive, Denmark
  • 60 employees
  • 7400 m2 top modern production facilities
  • +20 High-Tech and automated CNC machines
  • 24/7 Manufacturing
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SBTi certified

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