Making a difference: The mantra and motivation for TenCate Advanced Armour

With a technology that is changing rapidly, TenCate Advanced Armour is keeping up. By testing and developing new survivability solutions, TenCate is ensuring survivability for people working in hostile environments - every single day.

Foto: TenCate

TenCate Advanced Armour designs and produces lightweight solutions for the defense industry with manufacturing facilities in France, Denmark, and the United States, as well as regional sales offices in Singapore, The Netherlands, Spain, and Poland. Many of the employees have a military background. Here, survivability enters the picture.

With that in mind, the knowledge and experience from their employees TenCate has a full understanding of the value of creating lighter and better protection. They have made it their core mission to provide protection solutions that live up to the different demands in hostile environments.

TenCate in the veins

Since 2016 Mrs. Helle Specht has been the Managing Director in Denmark. Before her role as director, she worked for TenCate Advanced Armour for 8 years as the European R&D Director. You might be bold to say that Mrs. Specht has TenCate running through her veins.  

The reasons for being at TenCate for such a long time are multiple. One of the most prominent reasons is our core values, which I admire a lot. We always strive for the perfect and tailored solution in cooperation with our customers. Having colleagues with experience, know-how, and an understanding of the environment in which people must perform their jobs, we can offer the best protection solution and solutions that we know are working in practice. Furthermore, I like the fact that we stick to our promises, always – it’s as simple as that and a great value, explains Mrs. Specht.

What characterizes TenCate Advanced Armour in Denmark is especially ‘the Danish efficiency, teamwork and the transparency’, Mrs. Specht defines it.


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Photo: TenCate Advanced Armour

Photo: TenCate Advanced Armour

Close to customers

Mrs. Specht frequently discusses product development and evolve strategies with the Managing Directors from France, Ohio and the Commercial Directors. With offices all around the world enables them always to be updated with what is relevant in the countries concerned. Being close to the customers in the countries in question and being close to the culture, the tailored solutions occur. 

Own shooting range

TenCate has it’s shooting range at the facility in France. Within that TenCate tests new materials, develops and fine-tunes solutions against the exact requirements requested by customers and optimize the performance of the solutions.

Using a combination of shooting and blast tests and simulation equipment, they obtain a concise understanding of the behavior of anti-ballistic materials when tested against specific threats.

 - How to protect people against projectiles and secondary segments is not something you learn in a normal engineering school. That’s what you learn at TenCate, smiles Mrs. Specht. 


3 facts


  • R&D, design, and manufacturing of ballistic solutions
  • Applications: civilian & military platforms, ships, vehicles, helicopters, and body armour
  • Innovative and adaptable solutions tailor-made for each customer

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