Templeforce Denmark

Templeforce Danmark ApS, established in 2024, specializes in producing defense and security equipment for military, naval, air, and aerospace forces. They manufacture artillery ammunition, armored vehicles, UAVs, rigid inflatable boats, and 3D simulators. The company also provides training and certification services for tactical simulators and related programs. Their current focus is on producing 155 mm artillery ammunition to meet NATO requirements, aiming to become a leading supplier in Denmark and beyond.

Templeforce Danmark ApS was established in February 2024. Specialising in the provision of a diverse array of defence and security equipment for land, naval, air, and aerospace forces, Templeforce Danmark ApS manufactures a variety of products in Denmark, including:

  • Ammunition, primarily for artillery purposes.
  • Specialised armoured vehicles designed for military and security applications.
  • UAVs for surveillance, research, analysis, and offensive operations.
  • Rigid inflatable boats tailored for use by Special Ops teams, among other equipment.
  • 3D simulators utilising augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies.

In addition to manufacturing, we offer educational programs, training sessions, and certification services for various tactical simulators, such as those for helicopters, armoured vehicles (e.g., Leopard tanks), and special-purpose vehicles. Our training extends to driver training, logistics and distribution simulations, passenger transport simulations, fuel transport simulations, ambulance simulations, and bespoke simulator solutions.

Our current primary focus is on the production of 155 mm artillery ammunition to fulfil the requirements of NATO member nations and other countries aligned with NATO's interests. With a combined global experience of 120 years in the defence sector, we are committed to establishing ourselves as the leading local Danish supplier of artillery equipment for Danish military programs, as well as catering to the needs of the civilian Danish security sector.

Furthermore, we aim to position ourselves as a trusted supplier to nations in the North Sea region and beyond.

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