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Bioenergy Workshops

Bioenergy is an integral part of the Danish energy supply and one of the most significant export areas. Danish bioenergy companies are pioneering the green energy transition in Denmark and it is time to show the world the green energy solutions we have to offer.

At the Bioenergy Workshop sessions, a number of Danish authorities, experts and advisors from key export markets are available to share market insights and experiences in order to support further export of Danish bioenergy solutions.

The Bioenergy Workshops will be moderated by DI Bioenergy.

BIOENERGY in European Markets

Market workshop #1 from 11.00-12.00

The European market is essential to Danish bioenergy companies. Several countries in Europe are looking to find green energy solutions to substitute the use of fossil fuels and in this transition, bioenergy is playing a crucial role and leading the way towards a more sustainable future.

This workshop invites participants to explore the bioenergy export opportunities and experiences within the European markets. In addition, it will give you a picture of the bioenergy landscape in Europe in 2030.

Among the presenters will be:

  • Cristina Calderón, Market Intelligence Director, Bioenergy Europe
  • Karen-Luise Johansen Geslin, Senior Advisor Energy & Environment at The Danish Embassy in Paris
  • Experiences from the French market by Anders Bo Laugen, General Manager, Sales at Dall Energy

BIOENERGY in the U.S. Market

Market workshop #2 from 13.30-14.30

The diversity of the American market poses several opportunities and challenges for Danish bioenergy companies looking to engage in export activities across the Atlantic. During this workshop, you will be provided with an overview of the key drivers characterizing the American markets followed by a deep dive into the markets for biogas which are experiencing a significant increase in demand.

Among the presenters will be:

  • Christopher Michael Voell, Head of Waste, Recycling & Biogas Advisory at The Trade Council of Denmark in North America

  • Biogas Go Global by Business Development & Incubator Manager Claus Gunge Ellegaard Mortensen, Food & Bio Cluster Denmark

  • Experiences from U. S. markets by CEO Poul Ejner Rasmussen, Renew Energy A/S

BIOENERGY outlook and experience in Asia

Market workshop #3 from 15.00-16.00

As several Asian markets are looking to rethink their energy sectors and industries to combat climate change, the demand for green energy solutions is rapidly increasing. Danish bioenergy companies have the commercial excellence and experience to be part of the solution.

Supported by official collaboration between Danish and local authorities in key Asian markets, this workshop session will provide you with a broad market overview and present the export opportunities for Danish bioenergy companies in Asian markets.


  • Søren Nørrelund Kannik-Marquardsen, Head of the Trade Council New Delhi & Regional Coordinator South Asia
  • BWSC's experiences from the Indian market by Anders Brendstrup, General Manager - Biomass and WtE sales at Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor A/S


  • Potential for Danish bioenergy companies in Indonesia by Advisor Anders Kruse, The Danish Energy Agency


  • Morten Kruse, Team leader for Energy & Maritime, the Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing
  • Emrah Öztunc, Senior Counsellor, Energy at the Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing

The above workshop themes and speakers are confirmed.

For all workshops, resource persons will be available to share their knowledge, representing:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Trade Council
  • Danish Energy Agency
  • Confederation of Danish Industry
  • State of Green