Get a grip on the Danish legislation regarding green marketing and price marketing

In September and October we held the webinars: ”Få styr på prismarkedsføringsreglerne inden højsæsonen” and ”Få styr på jeres ”grønne” markedsføring”. Subsequently, some of our members has inquired for a webinar in English regarding when and how your company can make environment and/or climate statements, and how you are allowed to market your prices. Therefore, you can now sign up for this webinar, where we will go through the Danish legislation for “green” marketing and price marketing in the Danish Marketing Practices Act and the Danish Consumer Ombudsman’s interpretation and practice on these fields.

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Price marketing  

Do you use statements such as “sale price”, “shock price”, “offer” or other promotional expressions towards consumers?

28 May 2022 the Danish Consumer Ombudsman launched revised guidelines for price marketing, because of a new price reduction provision. Now, the product must have been offered to its normal price for at least 30 days (earlier six weeks) before the price can be used as a basis for comparison in a price reduction.


Do you use environment and/or climate statements about your company, products and/or services? This is legal if the marketing isn’t misleading.

It can be difficult to do “green” marketing. The Danish Consumer Ombudsman receives more and more complaints regarding “greenwashing” due to the increased use of environment and/or climate statements. Often, such statements cannot be documented which can mislead customers and conflict which the Danish Marketing Act.

This webinar is important for you who:

  • Sell to consumers and apply "offers" towards consumers, regardless of whether it is in a physical store or a webshop, or
  • use (or would like to use) climate and/or environmental statements in your marketing and are unsure of the requirements for the documentation of such statements.

Join this webinar, where we have invited lawyer Heidi Højmark Helveg from CO:PLAY to go through the Danish Marketing Practices Act, The Danish Consumer Ombudsman’s new guidelines for price marketing and the “quick guide” to companies on environmental marketing. Heidi will also give examples of when price marketing and “green” marketing is legal respectively illegal.


Heidi has more than 20 years of experience in advising on the field of marketing, data protection, media and trademark protection. Her experiences both covers advising Danish and international companies, and Heidi is often booked to do presentations and seminars.

Heidi Højmark Helveg

Lawyer, CO:PLAY Law firm