DI Energi Arrangementer og netværk


Presentations and dialogue with experts from companies, embassies and institutions

Energy efficiency is a topic of growing relevance as still more companies strive for improved energy and resource efficiency in line with increasing global targets. Denmark’s experience and Danish solutions are in high demand abroad – and Danish companies are increasingly using energy efficiency as a selling point for their modern and efficient products and services.

During Green Energy Export Day, there will be workshops highlighting the opportunities within energy efficiency in France and USA, respectively. In these countries there is a manifest demand and growing awareness and demand for Danish solutions, and a range of activities and partnerships to support Danish exports.

The third workshop follows up on the recent IEA Global Conference on Energy Efficiency, which was successfully held in Sønderborg in June with strong international participation and business interaction at the EE Solutions Summit.

EE in France

Market workshop #1 from 11.00-11.55

France is investing more than ever before in energy efficiency. This is partly driven by the gigantic recovery plan ”France Relance” worth about 100 billion Euro which as a significant attention to energy efficiency – both in buildings and industry

The Danish embassy in France is spearheading initiatives to enable Danish companies to access the market and sell their EE solution to the large tender projects – or as a second-tier supplier to other main contractors. For EE in buildings, look out and take part in the upcoming events Batimat and Interclima on 4-5 October in Paris. For EE in industry, you can engage in the Sustainable Industry Alliance to get access to potential French customers.

At this workshop, you will hear updates and analysis from experts and consultants from the embassy in Paris, Danish Energy Agency and companies already engaged successfully in the French market for EE solutions.


EE in buildings in France
Ana Elena Kelly, Advisor Energy & Environment, Danish Embassy in Paris

Søren Østergaard Jensen, Advisor, EE in Buildings, Danish Energy Agency (tbc)

Asbjørn Ebbesen, Public Affairs Advisor, Grundfos


Open dialogue on possibilities and initiatives


EE in industry in France
Aymeric Kouam, Senior Advisor Energy & Environment, Danish Embassy in Paris

Fabian Bühler, Advisor, Danish Energy Agency (tbc)

Louise Hansen, Senior Project Manager, Viegand Maagøe (tbc)


Open dialogue on possibilities and initiatives


Moderator: Stella Bücker, Global Market Adviser, Confederation of Danish Industry

For overview on possibilities within EE in buildings, read more here: Få en bid af Frankrigs 100 mia. euro store genopretning - DI (danskindustri.dk)


Market workshop #2 from 13.30-14.25

Moderator: Louis Funder, General Manager, DI ‘s US office

Energy efficiency in industry and buildings in California
Anne Svendsen, EGP USA energy efficiency, Danish Energy Agency

DI's perspectives on recent developments on EE in buildings
Mille Munksgaard, Senior Advisor, DI’s US office

The SIA collaboration and the commercial opportunities within the dairy sector in California
Anna Thalund Daugaard, Commercial Advisor, Consulate General of Denmark of Silicon Valley

Novenco's experiences from SIA collaboration on EE in industry and buildings
Martin Bo Olszak, Sales Manager, Novenco

Discussion amongst participants

EE Solutions Summit 2022 – Next Steps

Market workshop #3 from 15.00-16.00

The EE Solutions Summit took place on 9 June in Sønderborg on the occasion of IEA’s 7th Annual Conference on Energy Efficiency. The Summit brought together 400 international and Danish stakeholders discussing EE in buildings, industry, transport, heating and PtX. But what were the actual outcomes of IEA’s Conference and the Solutions Summit? And how should we follow up to ensure concrete action on the EE agenda – and for our exports in this field.

Join this workshop to hear the reflections and discuss the next steps on the EE Export Agenda for Denmark.


Agenda (TBC)

Outcome & Points of Action from the IEA Conference on Energy Efficiency
Danish Ministry for Climate, Energy and Utilities

The ever-strengthening EE Agenda at the European level
Monica Frassoni, President, European Alliance to Save Energy (TBC)

The Triad of EE Solutions - Climate, Economy and Exports
Emil Fannikke Kiær, Deputy Director General, Confederation of Danish Industry

How to accelerate exports of Danish EE solutions in light of the growing political attention?

Moderator: Director Anne Højer Simonsen, Confederation of Danish Industry