Green Energy Export Day

Green Energy Export Day 2022 will gather around 300 representatives from the energy industry, advisors and experts to share knowledge on exports and international partnerships.

Modern and green energy solutions are made in Denmark and exported to the entire world. Energy exports is a strong national priority, and a Danish green energy diplomacy is taking shape sharing Danish experience in green transition with foreign partners. Furthermore, Danish companies take part by promoting their green energy solutions in foreign markets.

The global economic recovery after COVID19 has been disrupted. Energy prices are rising to new heights and the war in Ukraine has caused a storm in the energy markets, with one price record replacing the other. More than ever, green energy solutions and energy supply are in focus in order to avoid dependence on energy sources from Russia, whilst Europe works to secure its future energy independence.

This Green Energy Export Day 2022 website also provides overview of export opportunities and useful contacts to experts and advisors at embassies, the Danish Energy Agency and among business associations.

The program below will be updated continuously when speakers and workshops are confirmed. Stay tuned!



All organisers of Green Energy Export Day 2022 provide an overview of their resources and activities here:

Hans Peter Slente

Hans Peter Slente

Fagleder for grøn energieksport

Charlotte Blomqvist

Charlotte Blomqvist