DI EU Green Network

Join our DI EU Green Network to stay updated and in touch on the strategic green agendas in the EU!

Leading the way to a green and competitive industry

The DI EU Green Network’s primary objective is to provide an informal platform for members to facilitate knowledge-sharing, build stakeholder relations, inspire new ideas and strengthen alliances within the Danish business network. The network serves as a resource for the latest industry information and trends from the EU.

Danish Industry is dedicated to advancing the green transition agenda in the EU. We are eager to present the necessary innovative solutions and opportunities that Danish companies can offer to support Europe’s shift towards a more green and sustainable future. With an exciting year ahead, including the forthcoming European Parliament election, a new European commission, and the Danish Presidency of the Council in 2025, we are excited to welcome both new and returning members into our collaborative network.

Your platform to stay updated on Europa’s green industry

This network offers a broad range of activities and products to enable you to get access to:

  • 4 in-person network meetings in Brussels
  • Online webinar series “A Green Competitive Europe”
  • EU DI Green News
  • Network reception
  • Daytrip

As you can see, the DI EU Green Network includes interactive network gatherings four times a year, requiring in-person attendance in Brussels. Meetings are conducted under the Chatham House Rules with an overarching focus on relevant strategic agendas, regulatory affairs and directives related to the green transition. Each meeting will be themed and feature external experts who will present current affairs and agendas with representatives from EU institutions and landscape. Annually, the network will host a reception with the opportunity to invite all interested external parties, giving you the opportunity to invite friends and business contacts.

Why join our DI EU Green network?

Become part of a dynamic community to:

  • Stay updated on the latest news from the EU in the energy, sustainability, environment, and climate sectors.
  • Join informal meetings including MEPs, attachés, the Commission, and Danish companies operating with the green agenda.
  • Share knowledge, ideas, and exchange experiences with other professionals.
  • Expand your network globally and gain the opportunity to foster new initiatives and collaborations.

Who can join?

The network welcomes all DI members who are interested in discussing the green transition related sustainability, climate, circular economy, and energy in Europa.

*Please note that any travel and accommodation expenses are to be covered by the participants.

Sara Husum

Sara Husum