Bionic System Solutions

Bionic System Solutions, BSS ApS, is an innovative research and development firm situated in Odense, dedicated to commercializing research from esteemed institutions such as University of Southern Denmark SDU, Maersk Institute, and institute of Biology. The company actively participates in various development and research projects, contributing to the creation of new products, inventive solutions, and pioneering research initiatives. Notably, BSS is a key participant in the Achile project under the European Defense Fund.

Sensor Technology and IoT Infrastructure: A Fusion of Technologies

BSS specializes in constructing sensor technology and IoT infrastructure by seamlessly integrating artificial intelligence, machine learning, and biologically inspired algorithms for the processing and clustering of big data. This unique integration results in an innovative platform tailored for advanced surveillance and intervention, showcasing the company's commitment to technological excellence.

Core Competencies: Advanced Signaling, Sensor Infrastructure, and AI

BSS's core competencies lie in advanced signaling, sensor infrastructure, and artificial intelligence. With a specific focus on time-series analysis and sensor control, the company stands at the forefront of developing cutting-edge solutions. BSS is actively engaged in building sensor technology and automation solutions, combining the Internet of Things with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and biologically inspired algorithms for efficient data processing and clustering of big data.

Automation Solutions: Enhancing Quality and Efficiency

In the domain of automation, BSS develops solutions used in production and logistics, automating processes to enhance quality and efficiency. This leads to tangible improvements such as cost reduction, increased systematization, enhanced knowledge of individual operations, improved traceability, and greater predictability in plans.

Defensive Solutions: Safeguarding Against Threats

BSS extends its expertise to the development of defensive solutions tailored for defense and security tasks. These solutions play a crucial role in countering drone attacks and managing drone flights. Their applications encompass defense operations, border surveillance, and monitoring critical installations, showcasing BSS's commitment to creating impactful solutions for security challenges.

Establishing Connections: From Physical to Digital Worlds

Through its competence and the expertise of its experienced development staff, BSS creates a tangible connection between the physical and digital worlds. The company's innovative solutions, exemplified by technologies like BSS ANALYTICS and Komodo, showcase not only effectiveness and user-friendliness but also cost-effectiveness. BSS stands as a beacon of technological advancement, seamlessly integrating intelligent solutions that bridge the gap between physical and digital realms.

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