Meet a member: COWI

COWI was founded in 1930 and is an international consultant engineering company with headquarters in Lyngby north of Copenhagen . Today, COWI has more than 7500 employees, primarily consisting of engineers, and an annual revenue of approximately DKK 7300 billion. The employees contribute with each their expert knowledge within technical engineering, architecture, energy and environment – most of them from the largest offices in Scandinavia, Great Britain, North America and India.

COWI is known for its large bridge projects around the world, including the Great Belt Bridge, as well as some of the longest and largest bridges in the world. The company has extensive experience in infrastructure and also construction, energy and digitalisation. Today, COWI is also often mentioned in connection with solutions that contribute to the green transition. 


Picture: Arkitema

 ”Last year, we introduced our FUTURE-NOW strategy which has set ambitious objectives for the entire business. Within the next 3-5 years, we only want to work with projects that are moving towards a sustainable direction. When advising our customers about their projects, we work actively to ensure that our customers are able to make the most sustainable decisions. The green transition is and will remain the most important challenge for us and future generations," says Marie Louise Worsøe, Vice President, and Head of Customer Service in the Danish Defence in Denmark.

At the moment, COWI operates as technical adviser on the Mykolaiv-Denmark partnership under management of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the local authorities and, at the time of writing, is also operative on two other Ukrainian projects.

Collaboration with the Danish Defence 

With its extensive expertise within building construction and optimisation, COWI is also a natural cooperating partner for the Danish Defence. COWI, which also includes the architecture company Arkitema, works in an inter-disciplinary way to create both functional and value-adding buildings. In order to have a fully functional defence, all basic facilities must be updated. This does not apply to buildings only, but also infrastructure in both Denmark and Greenland.

The building stock of the Danish Defence needs some attention, and improvement of the necessary infrastructure is needed. We can advise on sustainable renovation of the existing buildings, but we can also assist with new constructions."

Throughout a number of years, COWI has assisted the Danish Defence in environmental screening, among other things. Biodiversity has also been a focus area as well as assignments in the Arctic regions. With colleagues in North America, Norway and Iceland, we have extensive knowledge and expertise in working under challenged conditions.

The Danish Defence has ambitious plans in relation to acting as green as possible. It requires new, green solutions, and here COWI will be able to assist with their expertise where it makes sense and where possible."

COWI chose to become a member of the DI Defence and Security with a view to knowledge sharing and networking across the sector and with a wish to make its mark as an operative player within the defence area. 

Picture: Arkitema

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