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Nordic Radar Solutions has developed an advanced radar-based Warhead Fragmentation Measurement System (WFMS), a substitute or alternative to the traditional arena tests. The system makes it possible to do a quick, live quality control of live HE ammunition - and present the fragmentation measurement results within minutes.

Nordic Radar Solutions is a Danish company that was started by CEO Torsten Elmkjær and Per Schmock back in 2010, with an idea to develop a radar product for target scoring during pilot training/exercises. Torsten Elmkjær, CEO in the company, says that “the biggest initial challenges back then were about getting enough capital and the development of complicated radar systems”. Today, Nordic Radar Solutions is an SME of 8 full time employees and an annual revenue of about €1.61 million.

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Nordic Radar Solutions is primarily engaged in the development and sale of high frequency (KA/W band) radar, which provides high resolution that can thus detect small objects - including fragments from detonation of HE munitions for testing and analysis. “Our primary product is WFMS. This system is used militarily, both by defense for testing their procurement and stockpile, but also by ammunition manufacturers, in development and end testing. The same radar hardware can be used for applications such as drone classification (part of EU EDIDP project). Due to our ability to detect and classify very small objects, it will be possible to identify the number of drones and 4-D information of each drone, even in swarms,” says Rune Christensen, sales director in the company.

Both systems are based on the advanced Ka-band NRS radar developed by Nordic Radar Solutions.

Nordic Radar Solutions has also developed an Advanced Battlefield Integrated Scoring System (ABISS), that delivers real-time weapons scoring data to military clients in army, air force and navy. With ABISS, training is optimized and more cost-effective”, adds Rune Christensen. ABISS is developed with the Royal Danish Airforce as partner and is currently working at the RDAF shooting range at Rømø, for training of both strafing and bombing. Beyond the Danish Defense, Nordic Radar Solutions also work with other defense forces and expanding markets as well in NATO allies as UK and Germany, and large opportunities for the US market as well.

Foto: Nordic Radar Solutions

Nordic Radar Solutions recently decided to become members of DI Defense and Security and is now one of our newest members. To them, the most important factor was the ability to connect with others in the sector. “We have chosen to be a member of DI Defense and Security in order to be part of the network it represents, as well as to be able to actively participate in the activities that are being offered, including online information, networking and market promotions such as trade fairs internationally. At the same time, it is important for us to be part of a forum of similar SMEs, where we can exchange experiences and good ideas.”

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