Danish-Ukrainian Business Council

The Danish-Ukrainian Business Council facilitates network, financing and business relationships between companies in Denmark and Ukraine.

The Danish-Ukrainian Business Council is a collaborative initiative formed by the Confederation of Danish Industry and the Federation of Employers of Ukraine. Our purpose is to provide Danish and Ukrainian companies with the essential networks, knowledge, and financing opportunities required to explore new commercial partnerships and opportunities.

Why Join the Danish-Ukrainian Business Council?

As a member of our council, your company will gain access to a range of valuable resources and benefits:

  • Access to Market Knowledge: Stay well-informed about market trends and insights in both Denmark and Ukraine.

  • Commercial Relationships: Connect with new commercial partners to expand your network. 

  • Matchmaking and Industry Events: Receive first-hand invitations to exclusive matchmaking events and industry-specific gatherings designed to connect your company with ideal collaborators. 

  • Expert Support: Receive access to local counselling in Ukraine free-of-charge (max 10 hours per year), and support from market advisors affiliated with Ukraine's and Denmark's most influential business organizations. 

The Danish-Ukrainian Business Council is committed to helping companies of all sizes and industries unlock the vast commercial potential within Ukraine and Denmark. Our strategic advisors, based in both countries, are ready to leverage the collective strength of these influential business organizations to ensure companies gain commercial success.

The initiative is supported by The Danish Industry Foundation. Become a member of the Danish-Ukrainian Business Council today and experience the benefits of international cooperation. 

For inquiries or to commence your membership, contact us or follow the link through the sign up button.


Cindy Ingrid Christensen

Cindy Ingrid Christensen


Peter V. Helk

Peter V. Helk