State of Green, DI and the Danish Embassy in Egypt are cordially inviting you to participate in this year’s COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

Denmark has set an ambitious climate target, and COP27 will be an opportunity to showcase Denmark’s international green leadership as well as the green solutions needed to reach these targets. Therefore, the partners behind the pavilion have agreed to build a shared Danish Pavilion in the Blue Zone at COP27. This includes an agreement to secure Blue Zone accreditation for Danish company representatives participating in a Danish shared Pavilion. COP27 ensures two Blue Zone passes for each company as an official partner of the Danish Pavilion (terms and conditions apply).

The purpose is to share the common message of public and private stakeholders working to reduce emissions, including Denmark’s 70% reduction of green house gases in 2030. This will be done through a 100-150 sqm shared Pavilion in the Blue Zone, as the platform is for side events, networking, informal meeting, receptions and bilateral meetings.

COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh
In the last year, many initiatives, alliances and commitments were made from both public and private stakeholders. For this reason, many stakeholders state that COP27 will be a platform were these initiatives are taken stock of, as well as a procedure for measuring progress according to Paris goal. Denmark has set ambitious an amibitious climate target, and there will be an opportunity for Denmark’s international green leadership as well as the green solutions needed to reach the targets.

Furthermore, the national climate goals (NDCs) will be evaluated and the ambition level will be discussed. COP27 will be hosted by Egypt hosting on behalf of the African continent. Egyptian hosts are aiming to drive commitment within both climate adaptation, mitigation, as well as finance.

The price is based on a 100-150 sqm area with 10 participating companies and an already approved 75% funding by the Trade Council. The subsidy for raw space and construction in the Blue Zone is not public and is based on a price from previous years. If the above factors change, we might not be able to offer participation at the quoted price. If the price rises, your registration is not binding, and you can choose to opt-out. Each company may receive funding of max. DKK 75,000. To get funding from the Trade Council, you need to sign up with your Danish VAT number, and your Danish HQ will be involved.

    Significant exposure of your company at the shared Danish Pavilion, being the center of the official Danish activities at COP27
  • Two Blue Zone accreditations to the official UNFCCC negotiation zone
    Opportunity for you to organize side event session S at the Danish Pavilion (e.g. workshop/panel/presentation)
  • Participation and speaker slots at shared activities and events coordinated by organizers
  • Platform for bilateral meetings
  • Shared networking reception
  • Networking activities
  • A fully manned area by the organizers throughout the entire COP27 period: 6-18 November 2022

The COP27 Egyptian hosts has launched their official website with initial details on themes, priorities, and logistics. Read more here 

See the presentation from our information meeting on the 22nd of June here.