Kazakhstan – A Renewable Energy Market

A delegation of decision-makers from Kazakhstan will be visiting the Confederation of Danish Industry. They are looking for innovative Danish solutions within the Renewable Energy Sector. Meet them in a presentation of concrete energy projects in Kazakhstan.

A delegation of 15 high-level government and business personnel from Kazakhstan will be visiting DI on 19 November. Amongst them are directors, senators and chairmen of departments, ministries and funds, all related to the Energy Sector in Kazakhstan. They come to look for Danish solutions that will help solve the challenge of distributing renewable energy in a sustainable way.

The large territory of Kazakhstan and the low population density in rural areas entail the need to develop additional power lines. About 225 villages and 9,000 farms are not connected to the national energy system. Kazakhstan is thus in need of small- and large-scale projects including wind, solar energy and bioenergy systems to power the country and the rural population in the future.

Kazakhstan is the leader in Central Asia in attracting FDI. It has a well-educated young population and a politically, socially and economically stable economy. Kazakhstan is adopting unprecedented system-wide reforms to improve the business environment. This has led to Kazakhstan being among the top 30 countries in the World Bank’s “Ease of Doing Business”. Backed by international and well-recognized organizations like the IMF, the WTO and the EBRD Kazakhstan is ready to move forward into the world economy.

Read the World Bank report on Kazakhstan here.


    • 09.30 Wlcome by Confederation of Danish Industry

      Jens Holst-Nielsen, Director of Market Development

    • 09.35 Adress by Head of Delegation, Kazakhstan


    • 09.40 Presentation of Danish Companies

    • 10.00 Presentation of Kazakhstan business opportunities in the energy sector

    • 10.45 Q&A

    • 11.15 Closing Remarks