Livestock Taiwan Expo 2024

Taiwan livestock production industry is at a turning point, expecting to transform from polluted and low productivity to modern and sustainable production – join the Danish Pavilion at Livestock Taiwan 2024 to get your solutions to be a part of this transformation.

Picture from the Danish Pavillion in 2023


The Taiwan Government continue to allocate significant amount of budget for modernization of pig & poultry production, pig slaughterhouses, egg production, cold chain, and farm waste management. In addition to green transition, smart farming, biosecurity, animal welfare, resource efficiency, and food safety are the top priority of the livestock industry.

The key drivers for investment in advanced and green solutions are:

  • Taiwan government’s goal is to reach net zero emission for agriculture production by 2040. Significant amount of budget are allocated to support the net zero initiative.
  • Strict environmental regulations and the public demand for clean neighbourhood nearby the farms. High demand for solutions for reducing farm waste, odour, and waste water treatment. Farmers need to pay a fee to get rid of pig manure and poultry farm bedding material and it is expensive.
  • The sector faces labour shortage and it is difficult to attract people to work in the farms. The industry is keen to introduce automotive and smart farming solutions. The Taiwanese government provides subsidies to farmers for relevant investment.


Danish Industry (DI) together with the Trade Council of Denmark, Taipei, and with Food Nation as branding partner are organizing a Danish Pavilion at Livestock Taiwan 2024.

Taiwan's agricultural sector has been undergoing significant transformation and modernization in recent years. The government has been actively promoting technological advancements and sustainable practices to enhance productivity and competitiveness in the sector. With a focus on increasing efficiency, productivity, and sustainability, there is a growing demand in Taiwan for advanced agricultural technologies and solutions. Danish companies, known for their expertise in areas such as precision farming, livestock management, and agricultural machinery, can address this demand and contribute to the sector's development.

Taiwan places a strong emphasis on innovation and sustainability in agriculture. Danish companies, renowned for their innovative solutions and commitment to sustainability, are well-positioned to align with Taiwan's priorities and contribute to the development of environmentally friendly and resource-efficient farming practices. Livestock Taiwan and the Asia Agri-Tech Expo & Forum provide Danish companies with a platform to forge partnerships and collaborations with Taiwanese counterparts, including farmers, agribusinesses, research institutions, and government agencies. These partnerships can facilitate technology transfer, knowledge exchange, and joint initiatives aimed at driving the sector's development forward.

The Danish Pavilion at Livestock Taiwan 2024 provides Danish companies the best platform to contribute to the development of the Taiwanese agricultural sector, forge valuable partnerships, and capitalize on the growing demand for advanced technologies and sustainable farming practices in the region.

Your area at Livestock Taiwan will be ready for you upon arrival - fully equipped with meeting furniture, your company prints on all walls, lockable desk, power outlet, small shared storage and access to coffee and water and a very visible DENMARK branding.


After seven years in Taipei, Livestock Taiwan will relocate to Tainan, located in the South Taiwan region known for its cluster of agriculture, livestock, and aquaculture production bases contributing approximately two-thirds of Taiwan's total agricultural, aquaculture, and livestock output value.


The stands include a desk with logo print, meeting furniture, lighting, prints on all walls and meeting point with water, coffee, tea and fridge.

Flights and hotels are not included in the price but together with BCD Travel we offer a travel proposal for hotel and flights which you are welcome to use. We share a joint transport proposal with Blue Water Shipping for goods which you are also welcome to use.