VIV Asia 2025 - The First Danish Pavillion

Unlock your company’s growth opportunities in Asia by joining the first-ever Danish Pavilion at VIV Asia 2025 in Bangkok - centrally located in Hall 7.

The Asia-Pacific region represents one of the fastest-growing markets for animal protein products, and the Danish agri-sector holds immense potential for growth and expansion in markets in Asia. Any company interested in capitalizing on these opportunities should consider exhibiting at the Danish Pavilion at VIV Asia 2025 in Bangkok.

It is the premier trade show for the animal protein industry in the Asia-Pacific region. By exhibiting at VIV Asia 2025, you'll have unparalleled access to a diverse audience of industry professionals, buyers, and decision-makers from across Asia, providing you with invaluable opportunities to forge new partnerships and secure lucrative business deals.

Danish companies are renowned for their cutting-edge technologies and sustainable solutions in animal husbandry, feed production, and related fields. The Danish Pavilion at VIV Asia 2025 offers any Danish company a prominent platform to showcase innovations, products, and services to a targeted audience actively seeking advancements in the industry.

Sustainable farming practices can play a significant role in reducing climate pollution in Asia. Danish agricultural technology focuses on maximizing yields while minimizing environmental impact. Precision agriculture techniques, such as sensor-based monitoring, satellite imagery, and data analytics, optimize resource use, reduce input waste, and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. Danish companies specialize in climate-smart agricultural solutions tailored to local conditions, such as climate-resilient crop varieties, drought-tolerant seeds, and innovative irrigation technologies that improve water efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Danish expertise in animal husbandry emphasizes efficient feed conversion, optimized manure management, and low-emission livestock production systems. Technologies for methane capture from manure and dietary additives to reduce enteric methane emissions can help mitigate the climate impact of livestock farming.

By leveraging Danish technology and expertise, Asian countries can adopt more sustainable and climate-resilient agricultural practices, reducing the sector's contribution to climate change while enhancing food security, environmental sustainability, and rural livelihoods.


  • Animal Health and Nutrition
  • Feed Production and Ingredients
  • Animal Farming and Breeding
  • Processing and Packaging
  • Farm Equipment and Technology
  • Environmental and Waste Management
  • Trade and Distribution
  • Research and Development

If you are interested in exhibiting at VIV Asia 2025 at the Danish Pavilion, you can sign up here, or contact us below with any questions. We hope to see you in Bangkok in 2025!