Wind & Power-to-X delegation to Australia 7-12 July 2024

Australia is serious about its green transition and the government has announced major funding to keep their decarbonisation goals for 2030 – many exiting announcements within on- and offshore wind as well as Power-to-X will be made in the first part of 2024 which will create major market opportunities for Danish providers of green technologies.

Australia is going full speed ahead with its decarbonisation plans and as recently shown at the COP28, Australia is serious about the transition away from fossil fuel – this is big news in a country where coal and gas is used to generate 60-70% of the electricity and fossil fuel is a major export sector. The government has a target of reaching 82% renewable energy by 2030, the transition therefore has to happen very quickly and several measures has been taken to stay aligned with the 2030 goals. During the first part of 2024, a number of import announcements will be made for the green transition:

  • Offshore wind: feasibility licences are expected to be granted in early 2024 for the declared offshore wind area in Gippsland (Victoria) and other states are also progressing toward the granting of licenses
  • Wind, solar and storage: the federal government has announced upcoming tenders for 23GW of new wind and solar generation as well as 9GW of new storage capacity – the first auctions will be conducted in April 2024.
  • Power-to-X: the A$2bn Hydrogen Headstart program has shortlisted 6 projects (final announcement to be made in Oct. 2024) but significant funding is also expected to become available for export to Germany, Japan, Korea etc.

The delegation trip will be planned to get the latest updates and meet the key stakeholders who are involved with these announcements and we are therefore planning to start the delegation in the state of Queensland before attending the conference in Melbourne.The Queensland Government have set a renewable energy target of 50 pct. by 2030, 70 pct. by 2032 and 80 pct. by 2032.

Queensland currently seems to be the state with the fastest approval of renewable energy projects with giga-scale on-shore wind, solar and storage projects moving ahead, the state has also managed to attract Fortescue who is currently building their 2GW electrolyser factory in Gladstone. Please see an overview of the proposed program below:

    • Sunday 7th July

      Welcome dinner in Brisbane

    • Monday 8th July

      Meetings in Queensland (site visit and networking event)

    • Tuesday 9th July

      Meetings in Queensland (state government, project developers) – fly to Melbourne in the evening

    • Wednesday 10th July

      Conference day 1 (Melbourne) + Nordic networking event

    • Thursday 11th July

      Conference day 2 (Melbourne)

    • Friday 12th July

      Site visit in Victoria

The conference in Melbourne both has an on/offshore wind, PtX/green hydrogen and carbon capture program:

The conference had a very good representation last year and they are expecting it to be even bigger in 2024.

The detailed schedule is still in the planning - the program will be finalized according to your needs and wishes.



This delegation will provide you with a great introduction to the Australian on-/offshore wind and green hydrogen sector as well as introduce you to the key stakeholders in Australia. Marketing material will be made for the delegation to promote your company at the conference and surrounding events. We can assist in applying for speaker spots / panel discussions at the conferences and are looking into the opportunity for accessing meeting room where you can talk with potential customers.

During the week we are planning:

  • VIP reception / dinner with key stakeholders from government and industry
  • Meetings with large wind/PtX developers to learn about their investment plans
  • Meeting with industry stakeholders to learn more about their projects/plans from Australia

…and much more.

This delegation is subsidised by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


WHO SHOULD JOIN?             

The delegation is relevant for Danish companies within:             

  • Suppliers into the construction, operation and maintenance of on- and offshore wind
  • Solution providers to the entire green hydrogen/PtX value chain
  • Production, storage, and distribution of renewable energy
  • IT related to above topics



Flights and hotels are not included in the price. But, we will together with BCD Travel make a travel proposal for hotel and flights which you are welcome to use.