Wind & Power-to-X delegation to Australia, State of Victoria

Decarbonisation of Australia is no longer a distant opportunity - rather a growing reality creating very good market opportunities for Danish providers of green technologies. Join us when we visit the land Down Under to get a close feel for the market opportunity.

The Australian government have set the target of achieving net zero emissions by 2050 through a technology-based approach, whilst protecting relevant industries, regions and jobs.

The government will invest AUD 20 billion (DKK 93 mia) in low emissions technologies over the next decade (under The National Reconstruction Fund), hoping to unlock AUD 80 billion of private and public investment on green technologies.

Australia will in the coming years be closing down their coal fired power plants which are currently producing around 55-65% of the country’s energy. This has led to massive investments in wind, solar, pumped hydro and other renewable sources in order to secure a carbon free power supply for housing, industry and transport.

Power-to-X and Green Hydrogen is seen as a potential replacement for the enormous Australian energy export of coal and natural gas (LNG), but Australia is also looking to use hydrogen for domestic production of green steel, alumina and critical minerals. It is estimated that Australia will need 60-70GW of wind energy by 2030 in its efforts to decarbonise the grid and major industries – see figure below for details.

Foto: https://energytransitionsinitiative.org

Estimated hydrogen and renewable energy needed by 2050 to decarbonise Australia and its major industries. The brown circles represent the amount of hydrogen production in each region (hydrogen circles are placed outside the map for clarity, but refer to areas labelled).

Australia is relatively young in the green transition, but both the public and the private sectors are highly focused on the transition and they are eager to learn about green solutions from Denmark. This delegation visit will provide you with excellent opportunities for dialogue with Australia’s most important stakeholders involved in off-/onshore wind and Power-to-X projects.


    • Melbourne

      Welcome dinner

    • Melbourne

      Introduction to the state(s) + site visit

    • Melbourne (MCC)

      APAC Offshore Wind and Green Hydrogen Summit 2023 (GWEC conference)

    • Melbourne (MCC)

      APAC Offshore Wind and Green Hydrogen Summit 2023 (GWEC conference)

    • Melbourne/ Gippsland

      GWEC conference (half day) + transport to Gippsland New Energy conference*

    • Gippsland

      Gippsland New Energy conference*

* Subject to change depending on final program of conference

The two conferences will provide companies with an overview of the APAC region as well as a very focused conference for the Gippsland area. Please find more details about the conferences here:

The program will be finalized according to your needs and wishes.


This delegation will provide you with a great introduction to the Australian on-/offshore wind and green hydrogen sector as well as introduce you to the key stakeholders in Australia. Marketing material will be made for the delegation to promote your company at the conference and surrounding events. We can assist in applying for speaker spots / panel discussions at the conferences and are looking into the opportunity for accessing meeting room where you can talk with potential customers.

During the week we are planning:

  • VIP reception / dinner with key stakeholders from government and industry
  • Participation in the APAC Offshore Wind & Green Hydrogen Summit
  • Meetings with large wind/PtX developers to learn about their investment plans
  • Meeting with industry stakeholders to learn more about their projects/plans from Australia

…and much more.

This delegation is subsidised by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and is a collaboration between DI, The Consulate General in Sydney, and Danish Wind Export Association.

WHO SHOULD JOIN?             

The delegation is relevant for Danish companies within:             

  • Suppliers into the construction, operation and maintenance of on- and offshore wind
  • Solution providers to the entire green hydrogen/PtX value chain
  • Production, storage, and distribution of renewable energy
  • IT related to above topics

Flights and hotels are not included in the price. But, we will together with BCD Travel make a travel proposal for hotel and flights which you are welcome to use.

To participate in the delegation, with financial support from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it requires that your  company has been negatively affected by the UK’s exit from the EU,  as the delegation will receive subsidy from the so-called Brexit-Funds. If you are unsure whether your company fulfils this requirement, you are welcome to contact Michelle Chen Møller, Adviser,  International Trade and Market Development  at the Confederation of Danish Industry, by e-mail: mcm@di.dk or phone: +45 5218 5947.