Meet the Mexican meat industry

A new initiative is bridging relations between Danish exporters and some of Mexico's largest companies within the agriculture and food producing sector. Join the delegations and meet Mexican companies that each year invest millions in new products, technology and solutions.

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Confederation of Danish Industry, the Danish Agriculture & Food Council, EKF Denmark’s Export Credit Agency and the Danish Embassy in Mexico have the honour of inviting you to join this initiative consisting of an export catalogue and a delegation visit to Mexico. The Shopping Line concept matches you with a number of relevant and important Mexican companies.  

THE SHOPPING LINE CONCEPT is a new initiative focusing on bridging relations between Danish exporters and larger companies around the world. The objective of the delegation is to match Danish companies delivering new solutions, know-how and technology to the different parts of the meat sector in Mexico engaged in primary production, abattoirs, processing, storage, logistics etc.  

Denmark has a strategic partnership with Mexico and therefore a close cooperation within Food & Agriculture. Danish companies are famous for innovative technology, know how and products in Mexico.

The Danish Embassy in Mexico has built a trusted and close relationship with the largest key players and companies within food and agriculture in Mexico. Furthermore, Denmark’s Export Credit Agency is making credit lines to the targeted Mexican companies that can be utilized when buying technology and equipment from Danish companies. They simply get a creditcard for multiple shopping from Danish suppliers.

The Mexican companies invest heavily in solutions and new technology. Joining a project-based delegation will give you targeted B2B meetings with 5-6 companies already visited and screened by EKF, the local international banks and the Danish Embassy. You will get:

  • A profile in the export catalogue that will be presented to several Mexican companies.
  • Matched interest with the Mexican customers.
  • B2B Meetings with decision makers from key Mexican companies.

Companies engaged in:

  • Pork, poultry, cattle production
  • Livestock, breeding and genetics
  • Agro-industry, feed mills, storage, barn equipment
  • Food Processing technology like abattoirs, packaging
  • Specialized food technology for quality control, ingredients.

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