Food & Hotel Asia 2021 - Food & Beverage

Join Food & Hotel Asia 2021 in Singapore - Southeast Asia's largest food and beverages event.

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Food Hotel Asia - Food & Beverage is your ticket to the largest food event in Southeast Asia. With a reach of thousands of highly relevant buyers from all over the region and beyond, it is the most important exhibition in Southeast Asia for any company within the
food sector, who wants to find new business opportunities and/or maintain existing partners and contacts.

The Confederation of Danish Industry in co-operation with the Danish Agriculture & Food Council are delighted to offer your company the opportunity to join the Danish national pavilion at Food Hotel Asia - Food & Beverage, the largest international trade show in Southeast Asia for imported food, food service and the hospitality sector.
The 22nd Food Hotel Asia - Food & Beverage is the only hub exhibition in Southeast Asia attracting buyers from all over Asia. It is a well-positioned one-stop business platform, integrating a wide range of Food & Drinks, Hotel, Restaurant, Bakery, Foodservice, Equipment, Supplies and Services from global suppliers attracting highly relevant buyers from all over Asia and beyond. Food Hotel Asia - Food & Beverage
is the one exhibition in Southeast Asia you need to be at if you wish to strengthen your presence or if you are looking into new business opportunities.

Food Hotel Asia - Food & Beverage is an all-round sourcing platform where valued buyers will meet high-calibre suppliers and give your company an opportunity to elevate business in Asia.

As the key event in Southeast Asia for the food and beverages industry, Food Hotel Asia - Food & Beverage is relevant for companies selling: Agricultural Products Breads and Cereals, Confectionery, Dairy Products, Delicatessen, Dietetic Products, Eggs and
Poultry, Frozen Food Products, Fruits and Vegetables, Herbs and Spices, Ingredients, Meat and Meat Products, Food Oils, Organic Products, Seafood, Seasonings and Condiments, Beverages – alcoholic and non-alcoholic – Coffee, Tea, Fruit Juice,
Mineral Water, Soft Drinks.

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