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Danish- Central & Eastern European Water Days

Confederation of Danish Industry and the Danish Trade Council in CEE invites Danish companies to learn about new market opportunities in the water sector

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Why now?

The EU Recovery Fund is bringing an influx of investments in key strategic areas. Following the European Green Deal and the COVID-19 pandemic, water is considered a top priority. The demand for solutions in clean water has further been accelerated by the adoption of the revised EU Drinking Water Directive in 2020 and the revision of the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive (UWWT) in 2022. This setting has created a very high demand in Eastern Europe where larger cities are still facing challenges. As the CEE markets constitute huge markets experiencing growth these countries offer a perfect opportunity for companies looking to expand their exports.


  • Introductions to Central-Eastern-European market opportunities within the water sector.
  • Access to public and private stakeholders in country-specific roundtables.
  • Company presentation in the Danish Water Brochure, which will be shared with the local stakeholders.


    • 10.00-10.30 Opening Session for all countries

    • 10.35-11-35 Poland Session

    • 10.00-11.15 Hungary Session

    • 10.00-11.15 Czech Republic Session


  • Population: 63 million (2019)
  • GDP: 1094,7 billion USD (2019)
  • Danish goods export: 6 billion USD (2019)
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