Healthcare sector visit to the Netherlands

Join Danish Export - Health Tech, Danish.Care and the Royal Danish Embassy in the Hague on a market visit to the Netherlands and expand your sales to the Dutch health and eldercare sector.

You will have a unique opportunity to expand your sales opportunities within the Dutch healthcare sector. As a participant, you will gain an understanding of the market and the opportunity to visit key players and stakeholders in the health and welfare technology industry across the elderly care sector in the Netherlands.

Who Should Participate

Danish suppliers of aids and services tailored for individuals with disabilities or the elderly, aimed at enhancing security, promoting activity, facilitating participation, preserving dignity, and fostering independence.

These may include, but is not limited to:

  • Mobility aids: such as canes, walking frames, scooters, and wheelchairs.
  • Communication devices: encompassing augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) tools, as well as speech-generating devices.
  • Daily living aids: comprising adaptive kitchen tools and modified bathroom equipment to support everyday tasks.
  • Sensory aids: including visual aids and hearing aids to address sensory impairments.
  • Telehealth, mobile health, and remote monitoring solutions: spanning wearables, remote patient monitoring systems and room sensors, virtual consultation platforms, telemedicine technologies, mobile health apps, digital training and exercise
  • Assistive devices for independent living: smart home technology, AI, wearable sensors and assistive robots
  • Sensory stimulation technology including tools and technology for people with cognitive deficiencies or impairment.


The Market

The Netherlands organizes its healthcare around a universal public health insurance program operated by private insurance companies and healthcare providers. Although hospitals are private, they are regulated and monitored by the government. The sector faces challenges such as an ageing population and costly treatments, which put pressure on healthcare delivery.

To address the shortages of personnel, the Dutch government is promoting the development of medical technology and digital solutions. Market opportunities for innovative solutions are centered around the top clinical hospitals in the Netherlands. Healthcare CEOs and medical doctors are also looking to Scandinavian countries, particularly Denmark, to learn from their regional organization of healthcare provision. For example, Denmark has implemented successful models that could help the Netherlands overcome its healthcare challenges.

The Package Includes the Following

  • Co-funding application process reducing the cost of your participation
  • Project management prior to and during the market visit
  • Meeting & logistics planning
  • Assistance from Danish Export-Health Tech & Danish.Care prior to and during the market visit
  • Pre-departure briefing with market insights and practical information
  • Ground transport
  • Networking dinner event
  • Joint company brochure
  • Profiling of your company prior to and during the event
  • Hotel proposal