The German-Danish Green Hydrogen Summit

Join us for the launch of the Offtake Declaration on green hydrogen during the German-Danish Green Hydrogen Summit in Copenhagen on November 27th.

Danish Industry, Green Power Denmark, and Deutsch-Dänische Handelskammer invites to high level summit in Copenhagen to discuss the development of a green hydrogen market and infrastructure, between Germany and Denmark. Here you can meet:

  • Philipp Steinberg, Director General for Economic Policy in the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and Ministry Coordinator for Sustainable Development
  • Lars Frelle-Petersen, Permanent Secretary of the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities
  • Infrastructure Operators
  • German and Danish suppliers and consumers of green hydrogen
  • Danish Members of Parliament

The European focus on green hydrogen is an important energy carrier in the energy transition and the basis for an intensified cooperation between Germany and Denmark.

In March 2023, the two countries signed an agreement to support the development and implementation of hydrogen infrastructure projects and proposed a plan to establish a land-based hydrogen pipeline by 2028.

To reach and implement this ambition, strong political and industrial leadership is needed now to establish the necessary supply and demand, as well as scaling the technologies for hydrogen and hydrogen derivatives.