DI's Management Training Program

DI's Management Training Program is a program that contains the fundamental management tools. You will get insights and further understanding about the management role. You will be ready to step into a management position and get tools that will help you lead and achieve your goals with your team.

Become a strong leader through training

Are you looking for an education in management, that will make you a stronger and more powerful leader? In this training program you will strengthen your management skills which will help you become even more successful in your management role. This will benefit both you as a person and the company you work for.

During the program you will learn how to set goals and direction, coordinate resources and secure progress for your team and your company. You will get insights in your own personal strengths and weaknesses as a leader and you will learn new management tools.

The participants in the program are from many different industries among the members of DI. This means that you will get to meet leaders from all kinds of companies with different backgrounds. In common you have the management role and the challenges you are all facing in your role as a leader.

I signed up for the management training program in DI because I wanted to get to know more about myself as a leader. I have been a leader in the same company for many years and I have always done things the same way and I think it is important to develop and learn new tools Frank Jürgensen, participant DI’s Management Training Program

Practice-oriented management training

DI’s Management Training Program is a practice-oriented education where we make sure to put the tools into practice through exercises. We believe that in order to be ready to implement the tools back home, it is important that we try them out in a safe learning environment. Through the training you will build your own development plan as a leader and we will help you set up some specific and relevant targets, in order for you to get the most out of the training.

The structure of the education

The management training program consists of 6 modules, where you will learn and achieve new tools for your toolbox as a manager. Between the modules there will be time to implement the new tools in your daily work and test what works for you and your team.

During the training you will build a network with the other participants, and you will learn and help each other.

You will among other things learn the following

  • What kind of leader you are and what are your strengths and weaknesses in relation to your role as a manager.
  • To motivate, coach and develop your team.
  • To set clear goals, delegate tasks and break down objectives into clear actions for you to achieve your goals.
  • To communicate based on your personality type.
  • To lead changes and handle conflicts in your organization.
  • To lead and develop a team in an effective way.
  • To handle pressure and prevent stress in your organization.

Target audience

DI’s Management Training Program is relevant for you if you lead other people. It doesn’t matter if you are new to the management role or if you have been a manager for some years, as long as you are looking for the basis toolbox and methods as a leader.

Structure of the training