Online course

Get an introduction to DI’s Management Training Program

In only 1 hour you will get an introduction and overview of the DI Management Training Program.

With this introduction, you have a golden opportunity to get to know more about the program.


  • An introduction and overview of the Management Training Program
  • Further introduction to the modules in the Management Training Program
  • Opportunity to ask any questions regarding the program.

Become an even better leader with education

Are you considering strengthening your leadership skills and becoming an even stronger leader?
The Management Training Program will give you the tools for your role as a leader and these tools will help you to become even more successful in your role.

During the program you will learn how to set goals, coordinate resources, and help you deliver results.

You will learn more about your own personal strengths and weaknesses as a leader.

The participants in the Management Training Program are from many different sorts of companies. Therefore, you will get to know leaders from other industries with different backgrounds, but in common you will have the leadership challenges and you will be able to support and learn from each other.

Target audience

This online introduction is relevant if you are considering signing up for the Management Training Program and if you want to know more about the content and format.