Digital Acceleration under COVID-19: Lessons from China

COVID-19 is having a profound impact on businesses and consumers alike. More so in China than anywhere else. China was already a digital leader before COVID-19 but the pandemic is accelerating new technology-driven solutions across the board, also for industries and people previously hesitant about embracing digitalization.

Shops continue to integrate online with offline, and retail with marketing. Stores are turning employees into online influencers to drive sales. The customer experience adds a new dimension with automated, unmanned sales outlets.

Healthcare and education services
are being reinvented, powered by 5G technology. Virtual doctor consultations are being supplemented with digital diagnostic solutions such as remote X-ray scanning. The quality of homeschooling improved significantly with the introduction of livestreaming.

Chinese core industries
such as transportation and chemicals are breaking down barriers by using cloud data, IoT and intelligent algorithms to analyze material usage and to increase sustainability.

So now is the time to take a closer look at the underlying factors driving technology in China. The webinar will address questions such as: How do Chinese companies leverage technology to create sophisticated user experiences? What can Danish businesses learn from China’s digital achievements? What are the main barriers for foreign businesses to achieve ‘China-style’ digitalization?

This event is hosted by DI China under the Sense China go-to-market initiative. Sense China is co-founded by Region Sjælland.


10:00 - Welcome
Mr. Peter B. Hansen, Head of DI China

10:05 - From Customer to Users
Mr. Jacob Johansen, Expert on business transformation & inventor of Radical User Centricity

10:30 - China’s Great Robotic Leap Forward
Mr. Emil Hauch Jensen, VP of Sales (China) at Mobile Industrial Robots

10:50 - Q&A Session (10 minutes)
Moderated by  Mr. Peter B. Hansen, Head of DI China