China versus India

China versus India is the new battle of the titans on the global scene. How do they match up against each other?

India recently overtook China as the world’s most populous nation. Demographic data suggest that the gap between the two populations will increase exponentially in the future. The economic implication of this development could be that India takes over China’s position as the preferred destination for foreign investments, with a growing middle class and an abundance of low-cost labour.

It will not happen in the immediate future. China’s massive industrial complex is still by far the most attractive in terms of skills, infrastructure, and close-to-market considerations. But India is riding on a wave of new-found confidence and is eager to take on the competition at a time, where China feels the pressure from a slumping economy and rising geopolitical tensions with the West.

So, what will it take for India to catch up with China? What will be the consequences on both sides? Should we expect a more aggressive bilateral relationship – with the risks of global stability that this entails?

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    • Nishta Mehta

      Nishta Mehta is a corporate innovation coach and change facilitatator. Born in India, but living in China, Nishtha is a reputable public speaker on a broad range of issues about the two countries. She has also been an active mentor in China's startup community for over a decade.

    • Lasse Karner

      Lasse Karner is a Danish foreign correspondent. Based in Beijing and Singapore, Lasse has covered the Asian region for leading Danish newspapers Berlingske and Information for the past decade. He is the author of the book China in the World, published in 2022.

    • Peter Pallishøj

      Peter Pallishøj is the CEO at Baettr, a leading Danish company in the wind industry. Baettr cooperates with original equipment manufacturers across the world. Peter has lived and worked in China for several years, and he is now overseeing Baettr’s ambitious drive on the Indian market.