e-commerce for CEO's

Seizing the eCommerce opportunity. How eCommerce can transform your business

Why join?

With eCommerce revenue predicted to grow at 9.6% in Denmark through till 2027, eCommerce is the growth engine for many economies.  eCommerce can be challenging to understand, and many different facets to it.  However, not understanding what eCommerce is all about is no longer an option for CEOs, the C-Suite, and senior leaders. eCommerce is now pervasive as a way of doing business, as a business model, and as a channel of doing business and it is of the utmost importance that all business leaders at all levels learn how to leverage eCommerce in their business. Join us to demystify eCommerce.

The webinar starts:

07.12.2023 14:00

Learn from an e-commerce expert

Dean McElwee is a global eCommerce and digital transformation leader with experience across all spheres of eCommerce and the Author of ‘eCommerce for CEOs’. He has experience across Retail eCommerce, both omnichannel and marketplaces, B2B eCommerce, and Direct Consumer. He has had a varied career covering local, regional and global roles across both emerging and developed markets. This has given him a unique perspective of the eCommerce landscape across the world, how its evolving and what to do about it. Dean is a regular speaker on industry conferences, podcasts and has contributed to several thought leadership works on behalf of other industry bodies.

Dean McElwee

eCommerce expert and Author

Join the event and hear Dean McElwee demystify eCommerce and help you understand where you can use it in your business. 

  • What is eCommerce
  • The Case for eCommerce
  • The different forms of eCommerce and examples of how they work
  • Omni-channel, Online Marketplaces, Direct to Consumer
  • Business to Business
  • Building a winning eCommerce organisation
  • Q&A
Dean McElwee