Sustainable Mining in Latin America

The Confederation of Danish Industry, The Danish Embassy in Chile and the Danish Consulate General in São Paulo invite you and your company to take part in the virtual matchmaking between Danish companies and relevant stakeholders from the mining sector in Chile, Peru & Brazil.

THE VIRTUAL DELEGATION seeks to gather a group of Danish companies within sustainable solutions in the mining sector, especially within waste management and renewable energy. The activities include an export catalogue that display company profiles and case studies of the Danish participants, which will be presented to the major buyers in the mining sector on the three markets (see more below). Next the delegation seeks to establish a direct dialogue through a series of virtual B2B meetings between Danish companies and the major stakeholders in Latin America.

THE EXPORTERS CATALOGUE shows the core competences of your company and will form the basis of the virtual meetings between Danish companies and the relevant Latin American stakeholders.

  • The mining will review all companies signed up before the virtual B2B-meetings and select the relevant profiles for their actual needs for future projects. This process is to ensure the relevance for both your company and for local stakeholders. This means that you are not ensured participation by signing up, and you are not invoiced if you are not selected.

The virtual delegation of sustainable mining in Latin America is your chance to meet key stakeholders and to gain deeper insights into the Latin American mining sector. Moreover, the virtual delegation provides the chance to spur new business opportunities in areas where Danish companies have key competences. 

MINING IN LATIN AMERICA accounts for 7 to 10 percent of the GDP in Chile, Peru and Brazil. Unfortunately, the mining companies are facing severe challenges due to the freshwater shortage in Peru and Chile, the environmental handling of tailings, stricter environmental legislation for obtaining operational permissions in Brazil, and a significant opposition from the local communities in all countries. Furthermore, the mining sector is the primary contributor of CO2 emissions. The mining operators are thus seeking innovative technologies/ solutions to upgrade the ways of mining in Latin America.

WHO SHOULD JOIN? Danish companies that offer products or solutions in areas that can be applied to the mining sector, for example waste management and renewable energy. Furthermore, companies that can offer expertise to help upgrade the current ways of mining in Latin America to a more environmental-friendly approach.

DKK 2000 excl. VAT per participating company. The price is calculated on a basis of a minimum of 5 participating companies and a 75 per cent subsidy from the Trade Council of Denmark. If the support from the Trade Council is not approved, we reserve the right to offer participation at a different price. Should this result in a higher price than the one quoted you have the right to cancel your participation. Registration is in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions for participation in Export Promotion Events of the Confederation of Danish Industry. Read more.

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