The Danish Tax System

Is filling in your preliminary tax assessment an overwhelming experience? It doesn’t have to be! Join our free Danish Tax Webinar this fall and get familiar with the Danish tax system!

It’s time to review your preliminary tax assessment and make your final adjustments - but don't worry because we're here to help you out and answer questions you may have about your preliminary tax assessment, or just in general about taxes.

The Danish Tax System webinar consists of a prerecorded video and a live Q&A. In the prerecorded video the Danish Tax Agency gives you an introduction to the tax system. Here, you learn what your tax money is spent on and how you pay the right amount of tax. Watching the video before attending the live Q&A is a requirement to avoid repetitive questions so we can ensure the best possible event. Watch the video already now here: Watch the video.

The live Q&A will be held on November 15 & 24 where you'll be able to ask the Danish Tax Agency your tax questions. Please send your questions beforehand so they can be ansered in the live Q&A: (Ask questions here) Note that questions asked in the chat during the Q&A will be answered in the chat as long as the event is running.

Anne Rosted

Anne Rosted