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Denmark’s GenAI Paradox: From Lagging to Leading

The most extensive Nordic survey to date has been performed to investigate the adoption and application of generative AI (GenAI) by Danish companies, yielding a comprehensive analysis of how businesses interact with and harness this innovative technology's power.

The survey presents a representative picture of the full Danish industry, including responses from more than 572 Danish company executives and senior management across all industries and company sizes.

The overall results:

  • An overwhelming majority of Danish executives,
    81%, foresee GenAI having a positive impact on
    their businesses, with 50% anticipating it to be a
    transformative force.

  • Despite the high expectations, only 5% of companies
    are moving beyond the pilot stage, and only 21%
    are planning to use the full breadth of GenAI

    • Although 71% of companies see insufficient talent
    as a bottleneck (concern/roadblock), 55% of those
    companies are not even planning any of the proposed
    workforce and people enablers. 

The analysis has been prepared by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in close collaboration with DI Digital, Dansk Erhverv, Finans Danmark, F&P - Forsikring og Pension, and IT-Branchen.

Mette Finnemann

Mette Finnemann


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