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Vietnam towards net zero with Danish support

During COP26 in 2021, Vietnam pledged to net zero emissions by 2050. With an energy and carbon intensive economy under rapid development, the challenge will be significant. Since 2013, Vietnam and Denmark have had an official collaboration on energy. The partnership focuses on offshore wind and energy efficiency

Potential for offshore wind in Vietnam is substantial. Danish firms are already present in the market

Vietnam has considerable potential for offshore wind energy with over 3200 km of coastline. By 2030, Vietnam can have more than 10 GW offshore wind energy generation given improved regulatory conditions. A number of Danish wind companies are already operating in Vietnam and have recently increased their presence here.

Energy efficiency is a priority for Vietnam

With rapidly increasing energy demand and substantial energy waste in industry, energy efficiency is a priority for Vietnam. Danish companies already export energy efficiency technology to Vietnam.

Danish energy technologies to Vietnam increased in recent years

Recent years have seen a significant increase in Danish energy technology export to Vietnam. The exports amounted to over 250 mill. DKK in 2021 and consist of a broad range of technology areas that all have witnessed increases in recent years.


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