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Wind Energy Workshops

Presentations and dialogue with experts from companies, embassies and institutions.

Wind energy is Denmark’s largest energy export area and Danish exporters have strong presence and commercial positions both onshore and offshore in our European home markets and in a range of global markets.

More recently, offshore wind energy has picked up dramatically, both in European, Asian and US markets with Danish expertise and technology in high demand from all sides. Danish enterprises, organizations and institutions are aggressively pursuing the opportunities, and a number of Danish experts are placed in strategic markets sharing Danish experience and paving the way for more Danish exports.

We take a closer look at opportunities and commercial activities in East Asia, the United States and the Baltic Sea Region.

Wind Energy in East Asia

Market workshop #1 from 11.00-11.55

East Asia represents massive market potential especially within offshore wind. But it is also a market with uncertainties and high entry barriers due to among others local content requirements.

But in many countries the offshore experience and supply chain is limited. What opportunities does that give Danish companies? We will focus across all countries of interest in the region and the session dives into the regional supply chain competence and identifies opportunities for Danish supply chain to help you to get an idea of where to place your bets.


Southeast Asia supply chain analysis: Ambassador Einar Hebogaard Jensen, Danish Embassy in Seoul

Panel debate: How do Danish companies seize the opportunities in East Asia?

  • Morten Hjortkær, Vice President, Copenhagen Offshore Partners
  • Carsten Nielsen, Senior Vice President, Semco Maritime
  • Søren Juel Petersen, Business Development Director, Rambøll

Wind Energy in the United States

Market workshop #2 from 13.30-14.25

The new administration has set ambitious targets for offshore wind development. The new targets represent a broad range of new market opportunities for Danish wind suppliers. The session will look at how to approach the new opportunities.

American jobs are still very much in focus and Danish companies need to pay close attention to this fact. How can we go beyond business as usual and establish partnerships and business in in the US before our European competitors?


Offshore Wind in the US by Peter Esmann, Senior Commercial Advisor, Trade Council, Washington

Panel debate: Danish wind business - Coming to America

  • Senior Vice President Jakob Askou Bøss, Ørsted
  • Thomas Padfield, Head of Business & Brand Development, Procon Group
  • Kresten Ørnbjerg, VP, Head of Global Public Affairs, Vestas
  • Andreas Kipker, CEO, JSB Global

The Baltic Sea & Nordic Region – offshore taking off!

Market workshop #3 from 15.00-16.00

The Baltic Sea holds an enormous potential for offshore wind in Europe and could host as much as 93 GW by 2050, up from 2.2 GW today and thereby a significant near market that needs attention.

Driven by ambitious climate targets, electrification and industrial transformation in the region, the need for offshore windpower is growing to ensure sufficient supply of renewable energy. How can we unleash the wind potential of the Baltic Sea and in what order?


What are the concrete opportunities looking ahead? Who are the key stakeholders pushing forward? And when are projects expected to take off? – a brief run through of the Nordic/Baltic markets by Karen Marie Sandgren, Commercial Advisor, Danish Embassy in Stockholm.

Panel debate

Which part of the value and supply chain can Danish knowhow and companies add the most value to in these near markets? When, during the projected timeline of offshore projects, should Danish businesses make their case?

Invited companies

  • Holger Matthiesen, Head of Development Offshore Wind Scandinavia, Poland and Baltics, RWE Renewable Energy
  • Niels Brix, Global Head, EVP Financial Advisory, K2 Management
  • Fergus Costello, Offshore Head of Market Intelligence , Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy
  • Jeppe La Cour, Chief Business Officer Offshore, Rønne Havn

Anchor of Wind Energy Workshops: Anders Mika Dalegaard, amd@winddenmark.dk

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