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Tourists love Denmark - even in the rain

New figures: Despite lots of rain, Denmark had 4.6 million overnight stays in summerhouses, hotels etc. in September this year. Very encouraging, says DI.

September 2019 was the wettest Denmark has seen in 18 years, but the heavy downpours did not scare the tourists away. New figures from Statistics Denmark show that the number of overnight guests in September was on a par with September last year, 4.6 million overnight stays.

“You’d think that tourists in fact love Denmark in the rain. But the fact that we’ve managed to maintain the number of overnight stays despite heavy rain probably has more to do with the fact that tourist attractions, museums and tourist organisations have successfully communicated to tourists all the experiences that Denmark has to offer - even when it rains,” says Head of Tourism and Experience Economy at the Confederation of Danish Industry, Sune K. Jensen.

All over the country, the tourism industry and tourist destinations are making efforts to attract tourists outside the traditional high season. In autumn there is a greater risk of the weather preventing outdoor activities, and it is therefore important to ensure that there are options for tourists on rainy days.

“Bad weather is no longer just a question of proper attire. Several regions have drawn up top 10 lists for tourists with proposals for indoor activities if it rains. This is a simple way to make tourists feel assured when they plan their trip - they know that should it rain, they won’t end up stuck in their hotel room or a summerhouse feeling bored,” says Sune K. Jensen.

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