27.06.19 DIB News

208,000 new Danish jobs in 5 years - and room for more

New figures: Companies have created 208,000 new jobs over the past five years. But now they’re having trouble finding employees.

In April the number of private-sector employees increased by 3,600, show new figures from Statistics Denmark. Meanwhile, the number of public-sector jobs increased by 1,100. The total number of people employed in Denmark is now 2,784,100.

“It’s good news that employment is still on the rise. This testifies to the fact that the Danish economy is still thriving. Over the past five years, Danish companies have created 208,000 new jobs,” says Deputy Director Steen Nielsen, the Confederation of Danish Industry.

“Companies are ready to generate further growth and create more jobs. But they’re trouble finding employees. It must therefore be a priority to obtain more workers for the Danish labour market, for example by making it easier for foreigners to come to Denmark to work,” says Steen Nielsen.

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Steen Nielsen

Steen Nielsen

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