Colombia Shopping Line - doing business with financing

Shopping Line is a business & finance concept, bridging relations between Danish exporters and large companies around the world. This time we focus on the possibilities within the Colombian meat industry. EKF has screened key players - now it is time for B2B!

The Confederation of Danish Industry (DI), The Danish Agriculture and Food Council (L&F), Denmark’s Export Agency (EKF) and the Embassy of Denmark in Colombia have the pleasure of inviting your company to take part in this two-tiered initiative consisting of an exporter catalogue and a business delegation to Colombia. 

Shopping Line

The objective of the delegation is to match Danish companies delivering solutions, know-how and technology with key players of the Colombian meat industry - in order to support sustainable efficiency throughout the entire value chain.

Companies should join, if engaged in:

  • Pork, poultry, cattle, fish production
  • Livestock, breeding and genetics
  • Agro-industry grain, feed, stables, ventilation
  • Food processing technology & bio security
  • Cooling, storage, quality control, ingredients.

The Colombian agricultural sector is stable with an expected growth of 2.8 per cent - driven by poultry (estimated growth of 6.5 per cent) and pork (estimated growth of 5 per cent).  

The Danish Embassy in Colombia has actively built a trusted and close relationship with key players and companies within the food and agricultural sector in Colombia since 2013. Furthermore, Denmark’s Export Credit Agency (EKF) has paid a visit to the key players preparing to issue a credit card for multiple shopping from Danish suppliers.

The Shopping Line concept is all about attractive financing nudging Colombian buyers to choose a Danish exporter.

Why join?

Colombian companies are expanding. We will  meet pre-selected Colombian companies, who are investing in new solutions and technologies.

The Shopping Line concept is pure B2B & finance.  By signing up for participation you will get qualified 1:1 meetings with 7-8 companies that have already been assessed by EKF, international banks and the Embassy of Denmark in Colombia.

You get:

  • 2-page profile in the export catalogue
  • Exposure to a long list of Colombian buyers
  • Matched interest with Colombian buyers
  • B2B meetings with key decision makers.


Note: Deadline for submission of export catalog is 21 June 2019, and companies are welcome to reuse a previously used shopping line template.