Start 2023 up with getting an introduction to one of the biggest trends: The Metaverse!

In this Pre-summit webinar we will present a new Metaverse Map created in collaboration with Danish weekly business magazine Mandag Morgen and Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies.

The map gives an overview of the main concepts surrounding the metaverse such as AR, XR, virtual twins, web3, digital assets, NFT’s, and Generative AI. Apart from going into the different definitions we will also look at the implications on different sectors, the spheres of impact and the uncertainties shaping the future of the metaverse.


The Nordic Metaverse Summit is being held on the 27 January 2023 in Copenhagen where we invite companies and organizations to investigate the Metaverse across industries in a Nordic perspective in order to grasp its impact on future consumers and business models.

At the Summit participants will explore strategies, opportunities, and challenges across key sectors. This enables participants to ask the critical question every leader must ask: What will my organization’s role be in this new continuum?

But before you can ask these questions, there is a need to establish a common language about what the metaverse actually is? What different elements are part of the metaverse? How do we define them? What examples do we see already? And what are the future implications?

Join the free pre-summit metaverse
Join this free webinar to get meta-ready for the Nordic Metaverse Summit and get introduced to the new Metaverse Map that we will use to navigate the metaverse during the Summit.

The webinar is presented by The Confederation of Danish Industry (DI), the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies and Mandag Morgen.


  • Welcome to the webinar
  • Why we need to address the Metaverse from a Nordic point of view, by DI
  • What is the Metaverse?
  • Presentation of The Metaverse Map
  • Getting Meta-ready with the Nordic Metaverse Summit Glossary: What is AR, XR, virtual twins, web3, digital assets, NFT’s, and Generative AI.
  • Implications on sectors, the spheres of impact and uncertainties shaping the future of the metaverse
  • Thanks for joining – see you at the Nordic Metaverse Summit.

The hosts for the webinar are:

  • Bugge Holm Hansen, CIFS
  • Sofie Hvitved, CIFS
  • Peter Hesseldahl, Mandag Morgen
  • DI, Confederation of Danish Industry

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