DI Danish Water Industries invites you to GRAND DANISH WATER DAY. This year's theme is Water resilience for Europe towards 2050. A theme more current than ever.

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Therefore, join us for GRAND DANISH WATER DAY where we put spotlight on water in Europe.

Through inspiring talks, important debates, and vivid discussion with high-ranking officials, politicians, and industry, we aim at raising the ambitions for water resilience in Europe. 

Let’s make Europe blue. See the program below.

In June more than 400 million Europeans will go to the polls to elect 720 members of the European Parliament. 15 members are to be elected in Denmark. In autumn the new 5-year European Commission is going to be approved by Parliament and in 2025 Denmark will take over the presidency of the Council of the EU.

The European Union sets the legislative framework for water in Europe. More than 75 pct. of our water technology is exported to European countries.

The EU is therefore closer to us and more topical than ever. Water gets more attention in Europe than ever because of droughts, floodings and pollution. Water resilience and sustainable handling of water are becoming conditions for sustainable and healthy business results.

Danish Industry has put forward a proposal for a “European Blue Deal” with suggestions for a stronger regime water resilience in Europe.  We stay committed to building European alliances and conducting activities to influence European decision making. We support the EU-Commission’s campaign “Be Water Wise” that will officially be launched on May 29th in Brussels and across Europe.

We look forward to discussions on how we inspire the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, and the European Commission to raise the ambitions for a bluer and more water resilient Europe.


Mads Helleberg Dorff

Mads Helleberg Dorff

Chef for DI Vand

Johanne Eriksen

Johanne Eriksen

Branche- & Foreningskoordinator