Online webinar

Webinar: Business Integrity and Anti-corruption Initiatives in Ukraine

Get first-hand insights and practical knowledge on how to navigate corruption in Ukraine

In today's interconnected global economy, fostering a culture of business integrity and combating corruption are pivotal for sustainable economic growth and social development. Danish Ukrainian Business Council is committed to promoting ethical business practices, and we are therefore happy to invite you to a webinar focused on business integrity and anti-corruption initiatives in Ukraine.

Ukraine, like many countries, faces unique challenges and opportunities in the realm of business ethics and transparency. Against this backdrop, the webinar aims to address the complexity of business integrity and anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine. Through local expert and company perspectives, we seek to help companies with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the complexities of today's business landscape in Ukraine responsibly.

Webinar Agenda

    • 10.00

      Welcome from DI by Leading Senior Advisor, Peter Helk

    • 10.05

      Remarks by Ambassador of Denmark to Ukraine, Ole Egberg Mikkelsen

    • 10.15

      Ruslan Illichov, Director, Federation of Employers of Ukraine

    • 10.20

      Presentation by Mykola Tkachenko, Director of Prozorro - an electronic public procurement platform that ensures open access to public tenders in Ukraine

    • 10.30

      Company presentation: Do’s and dont’s by Christian R. Spohr, Managing Director & Co-Founder at Eagle Shark

    • 10.45


The Danish Ukrainian Business Council believe that collaboration and collective action are paramount in driving positive change. By bringing together industry leaders, government officials and key partner, the Danish Ukrainian Business Council aspire to create partnerships and initiatives that uphold high standards of integrity, transparency, and accountability.

We encoruage all companies' participation to this important dialogue and look forward to the discussion. 

Please reach out if you have any questions.