The Danish Tax System

Is opening your tax assessment notice a nail-biting experience? It doesn't have to be! Join our free Danish Tax System Online Q&A this spring and get familiar with the Danish tax system!

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Soon your tax assessment notice will be available to you and with it comes the information of whether you’re in for a nice surprise or not. We are here to help you out and answer the questions you may have about the tax assessment.

The Danish Tax System Online Q&A will be held live on March 16 and March 23 where you'll be able to ask the Danish Tax Agency your tax questions.

Prepare for the live Q&A by watching a prerecorded video on the Danish tax system made by the Confederation of Danish Industry, International House Copenhagen and the Danish Tax Agency. Here, the Danish Tax Agency gives you an introduction to the Danish tax system including what your tax money is spent on and how you pay the right amount of tax.

Watching the video before attending the live Q&A is a requirement to avoid repetitive questions so we can ensure the best possible event. Watch the video already now here: Watch the video

This seminar is tailored for internationals who are living and working in Denmark.

Are you not able to make it on this date? You can sign up for another Q&A on March 16.

Dorthe Monique Olsen

Dorthe Monique Olsen


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Gitte Frederiksen

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