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Key indicators: 3,000 jobs added sets new employment record

The upswing continues to create more jobs in Denmark. The downside is that the labour shortage is becoming increasingly widespread, impeding the country’s growth.

“The number of people in jobs in Denmark is higher than ever before, so it’s quite incredible that for 64 consecutive months more jobs have been created. The recovery of the Danish labour market after the financial crisis ten years ago is a true success story,” says Director at DI, Steen Nielsen.

“However, when indicators are showing that we continue to break records for employment in Denmark, it should also set alarm bells ringing. Companies are already experiencing widespread labour shortage, and it is a problem that grows bigger with each day, thereby challenging Denmark’s economic growth,” says Director at DI, Steen Nielsen.

Statistics Denmark has just reported that 3,000 jobs were added in July, bringing the total number of people employed in Denmark to 2,752,000.

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