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Blog: A Sustainable World Requires Effort from a Critical Mass of Companies

“If we are to achieve the goal of a sustainable world by 2030, we need a critical mass of companies to get involved. That is why we are making every effort to increase knowledge of the business opportunities implicit in the sustainability agenda,” blogs Thomas Bustrup, Director and COO at DI.

Sustainability is an indelible part of Danish companies. Nine out of ten companies have introduced tangible initiatives and are focused commercially on sustainability, while an increasing number are working strategically to achieve the UN's Global Goals.

These are the findings of a brand new study, which we conducted among our members. This is certainly a positive trend at a time when sustainability has finally become a basic condition for companies.

 Sustainability is by no means a new phenomenon in Denmark or the Danish business community. But the agenda has gained new attention in the light of the fact that the UN's 17 Global Goals for sustainable development have really gained ground. The 17 Global Goals aim to tackle the biggest global challenges by the end of 2030 and were unanimously adopted by the UN in 2015. Since then, the sustainability agenda has evolved into a global mega trend, which has also attracted the attention of companies all over the world. 

On one hand, the Global Goals constitute a new framework and a new global language for business communication about business activities that make a positive contribution to sustainable development. On the other hand, the Global Goals contain significant business potential for companies that manage to deliver the solutions necessary for tackling the global challenges, which the goals represent.  

In this respect, it is positive that there is a good match between the positions of strength of Danish companies and the global challenges, which the Global Goals represent. Our new study also shows that Danish companies are at the top of the EU15 countries when it comes to the export of sustainable solutions such as green energy technology, aqua technology and food ingredients that help improve the environment and save on our resources.  

This firm foundation of sustainability in the Danish business community is evidence that Danish companies are already taking the global challenges seriously. It also puts Danish companies in a strong position in terms of seizing the global business opportunities that lie ahead in the increasing global demand for sustainable solutions.

I am delighted that Danish companies are already busy working on sustainability and taking the Global Goals to heart. Because, if we hope to achieve the goal of a sustainable world by 2030, it is absolutely crucial for the critical mass of companies to be involved.

That is why we at DI are working actively to learn more about the business opportunities the sustainability agenda offers, while supporting companies’ strategic efforts on the sustainability front, both in general and, particularly, vis-à-vis the UN Global Goals.

Today I am attending an open consultation in the Danish Parliament, where I will talk about the involvement of Danish companies in the sustainability agenda. I will also urge those in attendance to adapt the politically determined framework conditions, so that, to an even greater extent, they support that involvement.

Thomas Bustrup

Thomas Bustrup

COO / Deputy Director General

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