“There are clear advantages to sharing a space with the developers at Kapacitet,” says Allan Nygård Bertelsen (left), Managing Director of entrepreneurial company Copenhagen Subsea.

Photo: Søren Nielsen
27.06.19 DIB News

Entrepreneur: “Most break their back”

Copenhagen Subsea is the first entrepreneurial company to move into the new innovation house TechStation. Managing Director Allan Nygård Bertelsen looks forward to being part of a dynamic and innovative hard-tech hub.

The offices around managing director Allan Nygård Bertelsen are still lacking a bit of “engine noise”. With his company Copenhagen Subsea, he is the first entrepreneur to move into ”TechStation” - a house focussing on cooperation around new innovative technology.

The idea is that the offices surrounding Allan Nygård Bertelsen will be rented out to other hard-tech entrepreneurs. Startups will share the space with more established companies - such as Copenhagen Subsea. On the first floor, you’ll find Kapacitet A/S, who develop and produce hard-tech products for other companies.

“We work closely together with Kapacitet, who have helped us develop and will be manufacturing our very silent, electric subsea thrusters for customers including the Danish Defence, the offshore industry and private submarine owners. There are clear advantages to sharing a space with them, and I’m also looking forward to meeting the new tech companies that will soon be joining us,” says Allan Nygård Bertelsen.

He does feel bad for some of the young entrepreneurs who start with big dreams and often end up breaking their back.

Starting a company is hard work, and it requires some skills that many inexperienced entrepreneurs aren’t aware of. Managing director Allan Nygård Bertelsen, Copenhagen Subsea
Managing director of Copenhagen Subsea, Allan Nygaard Bertelsen

“For entrepreneurs, joining a house like TechStation can be a big advantage, because they can chat with the more experienced players and get help with some of the things they aren’t so strong in,” says the managing director of Copenhagen Subsea, Allan Nygaard Bertelsen.

Image: Photo: Søren Nielsen

Among other things, Allan Nyggard Bertelsen hopes that the house can offer entrepreneurs some interns that can help identify potential clients and find relevant contacts.

“That kind of work is quite undervalued by most entrepreneurs. So I hope that these kinds of services can also become part of the package you get as a tenant here,” says Allan Nygård Bertelsen.

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