After a total renovation of their machines, CO-RO is again ready to produce Danish soft drinks in Iraq.

Photo: CO-RO
05.09.19 DIB News

Bombs spared Danish factory in Iraq: Now it will produce fruit drinks once again

After two wars and a 30-year hiatus, both buildings and machinery are again ready to produce Sunquick fruit drinks in Iraq. Iraqi partner has kept the machinery maintained in the meantime.

In the popular TV programme “Forladte steder” (Abandoned Places), two journalists travel around opening the doors to bunkers, buildings and rooms that were suddenly abandoned decades ago. Danish fruit drink manufacturer CO-RO undertook a similar mission when it recently resumed its production in Baghdad, Iraq after a 30-year hiatus. So, explains CEO Søren Holm Jensen.

“When the Gulf War broke out in 1990, we ceased our production in Iraq. But now we’re ready to resume it once again. It’s in the same factory and same building - and even with the same machine,” says Søren Holm Jensen.

He is grateful that neither factory building, nor machines were bombed in the Gulf War or the Iraq War in 2001. Indeed, this is why it has been possible to restart production.

“Our partner in Iraq has kept the machine maintained in the meantime, and it has received a total renovation so that we’re all ready to go again,” says Søren Holm Jensen, who is also pleased about the local production because exporting to Iraq can be difficult.

Iraq is one of CO-RO’s historically successful markets, where Sunquick has been the leading brand in fruit drinks for more than 40 years. When local production recommences, CO-RO expects Iraq to become a Top 5 market for the group, whose annual fruit drink sales in 80 countries amount to nearly DKK 2 billion.

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