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DI launches new 2030-plan: We can create growth and cut Denmark’s emissions by up to 70 per cent

DI is launching its new 2030-plan for Denmark that can increase Denmark’s wealth by at least DKK 110 billion, create more than 120,000 new private sector jobs and, through 150 concrete proposals, put Denmark at the forefront of the green transition. The proposals are fully financed and will enable Denmark to reduce its carbon emissions by at least 65 per cent - and pave the way for 70 per cent.

“We have a unique opportunity to create an even greener, more prosperous and better society in 2030 than we have today. But it requires that we be ambitious, that we be ready to invest and prioritise, and that companies, citizens and politicians work together,” says CEO Lars Sandahl Sørensen of the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI), Denmark’s largest business and employers' organisation.

“The key is green growth - we must be both sustainable and competitive. DI’s 2030-plan (in Danish) shows how we can get there. After much hard work, we’re now able to present a comprehensive and fully financed political playbook that combines green transition with ongoing economic growth for companies. This will allow us to increase wealth such that the individual family can afford more in their everyday lives and Denmark can afford to invest in the future and the welfare we all benefit from - while also safeguarding the planet,” says DI’s CEO.

“When we as a society set ambitious goals, it also requires extraordinary and untraditional solutions - solutions that may require us to rethink some of our fundamental views. DI’s plan sets out concrete proposals that require boldness and innovation - both in the parliament, in the business community and in society at large,” says Lars Sandahl Sørensen.

DI’s 2030-plan shows how we can cut carbon emissions by 65 per cent with the technology available today. If we’re to reach the goal of reducing emissions of greenhouse gases in Denmark by 70 per cent by 2030, it requires significantly more investment in research and development of new technological solutions that are yet unknown.

“DI’s plan sets aside funding for significantly more investment in research, thereby enabling us to develop the solutions necessary to reach the target of reducing Denmark’s carbon footprint by 70 per cent by 2030. But we need to take action now. We must dedicate ourselves to spending our resources and energy more efficiently than we do today and to expanding Denmark’s renewable energy capacity - while also electrifying our entire society. And what’s more, all of us Danes must do everything we can. This is a shared responsibility.”

“Companies play a big role in helping to solve climate change challenges - and they are acutely aware of the climate crisis. It is vital that companies be seen as a central part of the solution, and that is why the engine powering DI’s 2030-plan is strong, competitive companies. It’s companies and their talented employees who can develop the green solutions that make the necessary green transition possible,” says Lars Sandahl Sørensen.

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