05.09.18 DIB News

Key indicators: Danish companies lag behind in use of advanced technology

Danish companies are European champions when it comes to basic digitalisation, but only a small percentage employ more advanced technologies such as AI, machine learning and Big Data, shows new data from Statistics Denmark. According to DI Digital, far more companies could profit from introducing more advanced technology and experimenting with new digital business models.

Just 14% of all companies use and analyse Big Data, and AI and machine learning is only part of the business in 5% of Danish companies, while 10% use robots. That is a small increase of 2 percentage points from 2017 for Big Data and an entirely flat growth rate for AI and machine learning, shows recently published data from Statistics Denmark regarding IT usage at Danish companies.

“The use of social media, mobile internet, electronic invoicing and cloud computing is relatively high and continues to increase, so in most places the more basic digitalisation is in place. This is only positive, and here Danish companies are also among the best in Europe. If Denmark is to continue to play a prominent role in the digital breakaway group, we need this development to encompass key technologies of tomorrow such as AI, Big Data and machine learning as well,” says Christian Hannibal, Head of Digitalisation Policy at DI.

If we are to maintain our position as one of Europe’s most digital countries, we must be at the forefront of the most advanced technologies Christian Hannibal, Head of Digitalisation Policy at DI
Christian Hannibal

Christian Hannibal

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